Wednesday, October 15, 2008
12:58 PM


Hey Wildcats!

posted by Max

Hey, it's Max! I wanna say a big THANK YOU to Rendel for our new awesome layout! This was a lot of work I think! It was totally worth it! We now have a professional, fresh looking HSM Fansite! We all can be really proud of it! I edited a few things: I added the Soundtrack to the download section, I changed the Photo-Slideshow to a Fade-In-Slideshow with Movie Stills and I made the background as green as our new logo is :D
I was just wondering how to make it look more colourful and so I changed the background. In my opinion it looks much better with the green background color. I hope you all agree with that little changes.
..And to celebrate that, I put up a new forum for our site! It's not just a forum, it's a chat, too! Just take a look and register! Hope you like it! The only bad thing about it is, that we can't include our logo or change the colors. And pls don't announce the forum on the blog yet! I have to make you admins and we have to add topics to it! So pls not yet! We'll open it officially next week I'd say. Tell me what you think guys!
..And guess what: WE NOW HAD MORE THAT 50000 PAGE VIEWS SINCE JULY 17th!

Again, thank you Rendel!

♫♪We're All In This Together!♫♪

Saturday, October 4, 2008
3:51 PM


Rendel's Layout

posted by cody
Hey Guys! I thought Rendel's layout was fantastic. It definitely looks like it should be for a professional hosted site....however, that comes up with my next question...when will we be hosted? Connor, you had tried before, but it ended up not working. Have you planned on trying to get us hosted again?

Anyway, I like the layout, but I think we need to do another layout before we use Rendel's that fits the premiere, which by the way is this month! So Rendel, if you have time, I suggest you should create something that will suit the premiere this month, like for example, maybe have a picture of the cast as if they were on the red carpet, and from behind, have the Hollywood sign, except instead of it saying Hollywood, have it say High School Musical Mania or something....or you could have pictures of them from there Paris tour from this week or something...they all look fantastic in those pictures! There are also new HSM3 stills that can be used that you can find on Disney-Updates that look really neat...and we can use all the ones we have so far to make a cool layout as well....

So basically, I love Rendel's layout, I just think a layout for the premiere would be best for now, and then we can use it after....

Thanks for reading guys, make sure you respond!


PS- Max, start thinking of new ideas for the intro video to the song "Night To Remember!"